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SmartBomb Media Group / iCASHtv

425 Huehl Rd.
Building 6A
Northbrook, IL  60015

SmartBomb Media Group is a mobile media network specializing in the DOOH sector and connecting brands with highly targeted consumers.  Our premier DOOH Platform - iCASHtv - delivers an immersive Hi Definition large screen network with sound.  The centrally managed network via our Network Operations Center in New Jersey is focused on the highly valuable African American, Hispanic and Anglo urban consumers in the underbanked demographic.  Our core retail exposure is in hundreds of high volume check cashing and currency exchange locations in major U.S. DMA's.  The iCASHtv Network can provide integrated campaigns that not only consist of the in-store digital LCD's and sound, but also combine static posters and couponing/hand-outs at the teller windows.  iCASHtv has also integrated SMS and QR codes into client campaigns and has BlueBite NFC mTAGs at our locations.  The Network has had a third party demographic study run against the customer database providing dozens of demographic appends to the file and is available upon request.



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