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Terraboost Media LLC

1375 Broadway
6th Floor
New York, NY  10018

Terraboost Media was founded in 2006 by veterans in the alternative out of home advertising business. Terraboost has created a new place-based ad network that provides unrivaled engagement and interaction with your brand via functional wellness kiosks. With over 15,000 targeted points of distribution reaching over 5 Billion consumers per year, Terraboost provides a cost efficient vehicle that allows advertisers to both communicate with and sponsor the wellness of their target audience.  You can target locally, regionally, or nationally, segmented by our nine primary vertical networks (Foodservice, Malls, Parent, Health Clubs, Grocery/Convenience Stores, Traveler, Entertainment, Stadium, Hispanic), or even down to zip code.  A billboard you actually use and experience is a billboard you actually remember.  More insightful information available via this brief overview video link


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