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National Media Services, Inc


NMS is a solutions based, full service experiential agency that takes a modern approach to the ever changing world of advertisement. Providing clients with technology driven, socially engaging, and emotionally compelling platform to indelible brand experiences. We offer experiential advertising & marketing solutions that heighten brand awareness amongst consumers by selling brand experiences that are compelling and emotionally relevant to the consumer.
Here at NMS we pride ourselves on being anidea company, not only do we create and execute “big ideas” we also ideate and create “out-of the-box” campaigns based on a client’s objectives, needs & budgets. We boast quick and effective turnaround times for campaigns of every scale. We are available at a moment’s notice; and will go above and beyond the call of duty for each and every campaign to ensure success for each of our clients.

We have without a question, the most experienced, professional, responsible, talented and courteous staff in the industry. Our centralized approach & dedication to each campaign allows our clients to feel as though they possess their own in-house experiential advertising & marketing team.

What can NMS do for your company?
·Projection Based Strategies:  Projection strategies enable advertisers to target various high traffic areas of a market and transform virtually any physical wall surface into a captivating digital canvas bursting with color & light.  This spectacular outdoor display of  animated brand messaging stops consumers in their tracks compelling them to engage, react and share the product with others.
·Street Level Dominations:  Here at NMS we thrive on being the invisible influence!!  NMS is your go to vendor for the implementing creative, original and viable marketing concepts that are not 100% sanctioned by target municipalities. We are the rogue agents that deliver when others cannot. Our strategies and tactics are engaging and fun.
·Custom Experiential Events: We offer solutions and ideas that satisfy the consumer demand for one-on- one, shareable interactions. We humanize brands connecting them to consumers globally. This is our expertise, our passion and our lifestyle. 

·Mobile Event Tours: Each stop on a tour is another opportunity to offer consumers an experience that they will never forget. NMS manages the logistics and planning that gets brands directly in front of the consumers they wish to engage. We infiltrate & disrupt their day to day lives with campaigns designed to reach the designated target where they live, work &  play.

& So much more!!
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Headquarters in NY, Locations across the United States 


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