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Targeted Media Inc.

A Time Inc. Company
1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10020

Targeted Media, Inc. is a targeted marketing division of Time Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner, Inc., the world’s leading media and entertainment company. Targeted Media wraps leading magazine brands with custom marketing messages and delivers them to a tightly-defined audience based on advertisers’ needs. Using top-tier publications like Fortune, People, Health, Time, and Money, cover wrap programs communicate with a highly receptive and responsive audience.

Targeted Media offers two programs: Business to Business, which reaches specific individuals (like CEOs or community leaders), and Public Place, which reaches consumers in public places (like physicians' waiting rooms, salons, and auto service centers
Whether you’re developing a Public Place program to deliver your brand’s message directly to your consumers when your product is top-of-mind, or a Business to Business program to connect with top clients and key decision-makers, Targeted Media has a solution that will increase awareness and get measurable results.

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