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2aTEE Golf Media

2350 Broadway
New York, NY  10024

2aTEE engages a targeted audience of golf enthusiasts and business professionals across a national network of top golf courses and practice centers.

Digital Network

  • 30,000+ cart-mounted screens nationwide
  • 400 high-end golf club locations (116 U.S. markets)
  • Highly-visible positioning
  • Average 72 screens per location
  • Ads displayed alongside compelling, real-time content that adds value to the audience's game

  • Available nationwide
  • High-quality print pieces hand-delivered to audience
  • Prominent ad space––4x6" full panel
  • Only 1 advertiser per card
  • Specially-designed layout creates a "must-read"

Tee Dividers
  • Available at 250+ top practice centers nationwide
  • 18x24" full-color displays on dividers between hitting stations
  • 50+ minute exposure to captive audience
  • Creates "location domination"

Media Add-ons
  • Branded premiums
  • Sampling
  • Interior displays with take-one literature

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