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Devlin Media

1956 Gladstone Way
Salinas, CA  93906

Convey-Your-Ad allows the advertiser to reach consumers every day, right where they shop - in their grocery store. The entire full-coverage, digitally-printed check stand conveyor imaging will catch shoppers attention and increase sales or brand awareness.

Innovative and creative concept to increase product reach, frequency and create additional brand positioning with continual brand presence and geographic targeting.

"Shopper marketing is the next evolutionary stage in strategic retail marketing, and a mandatory component of effective consumer marketing in general. The most essential and effective form of shopper marketing involves collaboration between retailers and product manufacturers. Shopper marketing encompasses an array of integrated marketing and merchandising activities that can influence behavior in all three stages of the shopper behavior cycle (planning, shopping and consuming) and at all steps along the path to purchase." From The Retail Commission on Shopper Marketing.

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