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Creative Mobile Technologies

1151 47th Avenue
Long Island City, NY  11101

CMT operates video screens with audio in nearly 10,000 taxi cabs in top U.S. markets (NYC, CHI, SF, BOS, DEN, KC, Charlotte). These screens are large, face the passengers in the taxi, and only play when the meter is turned on, thus ensuring there are always viewers in close proximity to the screen when an ad is played. Ads that play in the dominant area of the screen can be full motion video, static or flash animation. Static companion banner ads appear next to video ads so the advertiser owns the screen. Ads can be scheduled to play by time-of-day (like broadcast) and in specific geographic areas (location-based) of the market for maximum targeting. Passengers view a program of entertainment features, trivia, fun facts, and other content relevant to the passenger. Content to ad ratio is approximately 60:40. There are various interactive features for enhanced engagement, including an "On Demand" section that gives the passenger the ability to view text information on a variety of subjects, such as News, Weather, Sports, etc.

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Digital Place-based Advertising Association

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