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PatientPoint Network Solutions, LLC

5901 E. Galbraith Road, Suite R1000
Cincinnati, OH  45236

Patient Point health education programs change behavior and drive results.

  • Reaching 53,000 Physicians and Impacting 429 Million Patient & Caregiver Visits
  • Digital Networks in Primary Care, Ob/Gyn, Rheumatology, Cardiology and Dermatology 

  • Digital Screens technology with messaging customizable to the location level
  • Physician’s “Personal” Network, allows doctors and practices communicate to patients with custom practice messages
  • Category exclusivity and award-winning health programming that educates consumers on key condition categories.

The only program that targets physicians and their staff where they work, while they work.
  • Provides physicians and staff at-a-glance updates to breaking health news alongside highlights from peer-reviewed journals, HIPAA updates, as well as inter-office communication with Office Bulletins.
  • Customizable down to the office level, sponsorship can be integrated with sales and marketing strategy to optimize time with physicians.
  • Category-exclusivity locks out competition.

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