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PaydayPERX provides immediate exposure for advertisers to employees when they receive their paycheck or direct deposit statement. Fortune 1000 companies, staffing companies, and payroll companies distribute advertiser messages, discounts and special offers that are pre-printed on the payroll and direct deposit stock they receive at little or no cost from PaydayPERX. Each payday, employees are presented ads and coupons to save money. This affords advertisers the opportunity to engage potential consumers at the precise time those financial decisions are made, and provides a real benefit for employees as well who can stretch their paychecks that much further by utilizing the coupons and special offers of interest to them on the back of their paycheck stub. And since the employer gets to eliminate the (normally unavoidable) cost of their paycheck stock right off the bottom line, this is truly a win-win-win proposition for everyone involved.

PaydayPERX features for Advertisers:

  • Paycheck advertising delivers phenomenal results
  • You pay no postage cost for delivery of your advertisement
  • Guaranteed delivery of every impression you purchase
  • Total control of ad layouts with three different copy sizes
  • Captive audience has to look at your message to cash their check
  • Track using bar codes, promo codes, dedicated 800#, etc.
  • Timely distribution of ads: 2.8 to 4.3 impressions per person per month
  • Exposure to nearly 2,000,000 employees on the job
  • Regional or National distribution available
  • Fantastic for coupon redemption, public awareness and image marketing campaigns
  • No better way to promote an existing program within your workplace territory
  • Net costs for these placements are available at less than $30 per thousand per month

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