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CoolNerd Media, Inc.

36 East 23rd Street
9th Floor, Suite 9F
New York, NY  10010

About Our CoolNerd Kiosks™

CoolNerd Kiosks™ are digital signage and digital downloading kiosks. Ads run on the monitors and digital downloads are distributed via its USB interface. Content is downloaded onto smart phones and digital media devices (Android OS™, iPhone™, iPod®, Blackberry®). Advertisements run to attract customers to the kiosk and play in front of the customer, while their entertainment is downloading, generating high retention rates.

Our CoolNerd Kiosk Advertising and Download Network is growing. Its locations include: public transportation venues, live entertainment venues and shopping malls.

Steps of Customer Engagement

  1. Customer is drawn to the sleek and attractive kiosk running advertisements.
  2. Customer touches "Shop Button" to view entertainment categories and selects desired category.
  3. Customer searches for exact entertainment, i.e. particular song and makes selection.
  4. Customer is prompted to connect mobile device (iPhone™) to USB docking station and pay via credit/debit card (unless content is free via promotion/sponsorship).
  5. CoolNerd Kiosk™ reads the device type and downloads content to device’s directory using CoolNerd Media's proprietary A-C Loader application.
  6. Ads run in front of customer while download occurs.
  7. After download is complete, customer is prompted to remove device.

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