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349 5th Avenue
New York, NY  10016

ADRailUSA is the exclusive U.S. provider of the patented ADRail escalator handrail advertising. ADRail delivers a 30-to-60 second brand experience (the length of an escalator ride) with a captive audience. Plus, escalators are choke points in malls - they guarantee you near-100% of mall traffic, and usually an up/down ride double exposure. ADRail enables brilliant colors - made all the more startling and noticable because people expect to see boring black handrails. This is why research shows very high recall and purchase intent from escalator handrail advertising. ADRail is available in a nationwide network of malls. ADRail can also be specified in airports via Clear Channel Airport. Previous advertisers include financial services, telecommunications, cosmetics, luxury, automotive, hospitality and telecommunications. ADRailUSA is a New York based company. 

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