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Coastline Advertising Corporation, LLC

11612 Knott Avenue #2
Garden Grove, CA  92841

Coastline Advertising Corporation (CAC) is a combined team of experts in the Outdoor Advertising Industry. The group, both individually and collectively has more than 40 years focused on outdoor advertising in California.

We currently operate Transit Benches in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. Transit Sheltes in Orange County. We enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry and are credited with superior services by our clients and the municipalities we serve.

Our success is due to our commitment to customer service and our vast experience at designing cost effective campaigns tailored to the needs of the advertise.

CAC has a current client base of hundreds of local advertisers and receives extensive support from regional and national advertisers.

With geographic market knowledge that is unsurpassed, CAC can handle the needs of any Southern California advertiser.

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