The Tools to Sell Media Faster

In 2015, America’s top agencies contracted over $400M of media through DOmedia. Our innovative applications go beyond organizing and tracking your inventory, they integrate with the world’s largest marketplace for out-of-home media. DOmedia's tools are the next evolution of media software that sells.


Showcase and Propose

Don’t just organize your inventory, show it off. DOmedia powers media inquiries and campaign planning for buyers from Madison Avenue to Main Street, USA. Our client services team will help you list inventory and deliver the data agencies need to make a buy. You can leverage that data to create proposals in a flash. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making sales.

  • Show  asset data and photos so buyers can see what you offer.
  • Save time with proposal generation tools that keep your sales team selling.
  • Sell to qualified buyers who use DOmedia every day.

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Create Maps That Stand Out

Seeing really is believing. Collaborate with team members, agencies and brands to quickly generate interactive maps that will seperate your proposals from the competition. DOmedia's mapping software was designed to meet the needs of America's leading advertising agencies. Now, we have opened it to vendors looking to produce beautiful proposals that maximize impact and clarity.

  • Google Maps integration
  • Import client (and competitor) proximity
  • Target with demographic data or custom layers
  • Share and customize maps in the cloud

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Tap Into Demand

Connect your business to the largest demand-side platform (DSP) for out-of-home media. DOmedia is the only toolset for media vendors that puts your inventory in front of major agencies and thousands of local advertisers. Our DSP is constantly introducing more demand for out-of-home media into the marketplace. Listing your assets on DOmedia is the only way to compete for this business. 

  • Be found in search results and reach buyers of all sizes
  • Compete for business from leading agencies that buy exclusively through DOmedia
  • Grow your business by forming relationships with buyers around the country. 

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