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Projection advertising turns any surface into an advertising vehicle. A video projection system creates huge displays on walls, bridges, or any other surface. Either as a static image or a video projection, these displays grab attention.

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Image Courtesy of eyeGoo Marketing

Image Courtesy of Monster Media

A large, moving display in a populated urban area makes people look. They are often used near commercial venues, or at a large event. These instant digital billboards are customizable and can reach huge sizes. It creates an undeniable street presence, noticed by pedestrians and drivers alike. They reach a large audience at their location. Some vendors even offer mobile projections, where the system is set up in a van that drives around a certain route, projecting its image onto the buildings it passes.

Typically, these projections are done at night for higher visibility. The bright, colorful, eye-catching effects can draw people in and provide high ad recall. They can also be used indoors, such as in malls where thousands of people may pass the projection every day. With the rise of social media, sometimes projections are created not just for the direct audience, but so that it can be documented for cross-promotion in social media and public relations. The projections can become an event in themselves.