Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Indoor Signage

Indoor signage reaches a captive audience in restaurants, bars, health clubs and entertainment venues. Surfaces as sophisticated as a digital network screen or as simple as a table top card can be an advertisement. Their nature makes them highly targeted, by demographics, geographic area, or interest based on the business or venue.

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Image Courtesy of OAAA

Health Club Media

Targeting the healthy population is easy with health club media. An advertiser can reach these consumers by placing messages on yoga mats, video screens and club displays throughout health clubs and spas. For a location where consumers have to go, but probably aren’t receiving many other advertising messages, try restroom signage. They are commonly placed on stall doors, mirrors, above urinals or on towel dispensers.

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Image Courtesy of NewAge Marketing

Tabletop Ads

Tabletop ads reach an audience sitting in one place for an extended period of time. This engaging uninterrupted advertising is a great way to reach restaurant and bar patrons. The time spent at a table can be upwards of 30 minute, providing prolonged exposure. Mediums include graphics printed on or adhered to the table itself, standing cards, napkins, and beverage taps.

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Window Displays

Window displays can be outdoor or indoor, or both. Typically near the point of purchase, graphics adhered to windows can draw people into a location, stimulate sales within the store, or promote a new product or sale.