Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Events / Sponsorships

Guerilla and street advertising can grab the attention of an audience with a message where they’re not expecting it. It allows for creative implementation, where just about any surface or area can be an ad medium.

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Image Courtesy of lime-media group

Image Courtesy of Massivemedia

Street Graphics

Sidewalk chalk, for example, isn’t just for children. Sidewalk and street chalk graphics really stand out from other media clutter, and can be seen by consumers as they are walking or driving around major cities. Newsstand and newsrack displays reach everybody who walks or drives by them.

Image Courtesy of Brand Marketers

Image Courtesy of VIP Pedicab

Transportation Ads

Transportation ads are everywhere, especially in large, urban markets. Public bicycles, for example, are placed at regular intervals throughout a city, providing mass market coverage. They are usually located near major city hubs, like office buildings or shopping centers. Taxis can hold ads on their roofs, trunks, or even with full vehicle wraps, and reach anybody on a city street.

Pedicabs and segways are typically found in tourist areas or around special events. Ads affixed to these vehicles can target a specific demographic or geographic area. They can also be used by street teams, who go out and reach an audience directly with energy and interaction.