Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Events / Sponsorships

Event advertising and sponsorships are an effective way to connect a brand with something people love. Attendees at any sort of event are emotionally invested in the event and their surroundings. Advertising there can reach a captive audience with excellent visibility and the possibility of TV exposure.

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Image Courtesy of Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Image Courtesy of Elite Media

Convention Centers

Convention centers can target tradeshow attendees very well. Viewers are typically similar demographically, and certainly share a central interest. Depending on the setup of the ad, nearly every attendee is likely to see the message, and notice it in the context of the event. Similarly, use fairground signage to reach consumers attending horse shows, dog shows, rodeos, conventions, corporate and family picnics, fairs, festivals and much more.

Image Courtesy of Sports Media

Image Courtesy of NuBoard Media

Sports Venues

One of the most popular opportunities for event advertising and sponsorships is sports venues. Ads can be as small or large as you like. Advertisers can get high reach and frequency by giving consumers bags with their message displayed at the stadium. Or, grab their attention with a large scoreboard ad that the whole crowd sees.

Sports venue advertisements vary in terms of their mediums. One of the first that may come to mind is the signage next to a court or a field that displays an advertiser’s logo or message. These are often digital, and can change messages to engage a crowd right next to the action. Other unique mediums include wrapped buses or RVs, mobile billboards, sampling, product demonstrations, in-park signage and street teams to name a few.

Image Courtesy of CBS Collegiate Sports Properties

Image Courtesy of IMG College