Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Digital Place-based Advertising Networks

Digital screens are directed at viewers in specific locations where a message can be targeted contextually based on their location. Because these networks are offered at specific location, targeting can drill down by geographic area, demographics, shopping intent, how viewers are spending time, etc. They offer contextual advertising. A major advantage of the digital format is that messages can be changed quickly, providing closer targeting based on many variables.

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Airport Displays

Airport advertising delivers the elusive and highly desirable audience of business and leisure travelers. Campaigns are designed to attract attention, brand companies, products or services, elicit direct response or encourage point-of-sale. Ads placed in private airports can target the high-end consumer and business executive. Digital video screens are available in the high-traffic areas of these private airports.

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Restaurant Displays

Digital displays in bars and restaurants reach consumers for a period of time while they are relaxing and enjoying themselves. Restaurant patrons can be targeted with point of purchase, promotions or branding campaigns.

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Cinema Displays

Cinema advertising is more than just previews before the movie. Reach moviegoers with multiple messages as they are walking around the lobby, making food purchases, or just waiting for their movie to begin.

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Waiting Room Displays

Advertisers can reach specific demographic groups including children, mothers, females, and seniors by placing messages in physician offices. These messages reach captive audiences waiting for appointments. Similarly, digital ads in veterinarian offices target pet owners without wasted coverage. Pet owners are a captive audience while waiting for their appointments.

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Shopping Displays

Digital screens in grocery stores and malls deliver and audience right at the point of purchase. They are strategically located at entrances, aisles, anchor stores, escalators, food courts and other high-traffic areas. In the form of kiosks, wall-mounted or free-standing displays, these messages reach your target when they are ready to make a purchase.

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Other Displays

Other locations include gas stations, where screens are placed right on the pump to quickly influence purchasing. At the gym, screens in front of cardio equipment target health-minded consumers. Digital place-based advertising networks can extend to any location imaginable, such as sporting events or horse racetracks.