Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Consumer Products / Packaging

Consumer packaging ads are a form of place-based advertising with a variety of formats. They are specially located where particular groups congregate for a variety of purposes. These ads reach consumers as they go about their daily routine.

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Image Courtesy of HD Napkins

Bar Napkins

Bar napkins target captive consumers while they are relaxing and eating or drinking. This engaging uninterrupted advertising is a great way to reach restaurant and bar patrons, and can be targeted based on the type of location. This allows for geographic targeting as well as economic and interest-based. The time spent at a table can be upwards of 30 minutes making it very effective.

Image Courtesy of Brite Media Group

Coffee Cups & Sleeves

Coffee cups and sleeves place targeted messages directly into the hands of consumers, who in turn become walking billboards as they carry cups with them from point of purchase throughout its use. They can be utilized for targeting specific demographic groups in specific locations or mass market coverage of an entire area. Cups and sleeves can also be used to reach certain business groups by targeting specific business areas.

Image Courtesy of Ubiquitous Media

Dry Cleaner Garment Bags

Messages printed on dry cleaner garment bags, hangers and paper covers can include coupons and product samples hand-to-hand. They can reach busy business executives and other white-collar professionals. Dry cleaning locations can be selected based on demographic or geographic information.

Image Courtesy of Pizza Adz

Image Courtesy of Brandwich

Food Cartons & Wraps

Advertisers can reach households with great frequency by placing messages on food cartons and wraps. Advertising touchpoints include when the consumer gets their food or drink at their (demographically targeted) location, while they’re eating, and potentially when they open their refrigerators or grab something to eat/drink. One popular use of this medium is pizza boxes.

Image Courtesy of Massivemedia

Shopping Bags

To reach consumers one step closer to where they get their foods, advertising messages can be placed on shopping, pharmacy or grocery bags to reach consumers. Advertisers have a better opportunity to target specific consumer groups by choosing geographic location and area within the store.