Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Clings / Decals

Clings and decals can provide an advertising medium in unexpected or otherwise unavailable areas. Because of this, they can send a message where a viewer isn’t exposed to other messages.

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Image Courtesy of Ubiquitous Media

Door Hangers

Door hangers allow advertisers to reach consumers when returning home from school, work or running errands. Door hangers stand out from direct mail by targeting the consumer right away. They boast low printing prices.

Image Courtesy of Flat Ads LLC

Floor Graphics

Floor graphic messages can be static or interactive advertisements that engage the consumers with physical motion. Targeting specific consumer groups is easily accomplished by choosing specific locations. These graphics are often placed near the point of purchase to immediately bring a brand top-of-mind and impact purchases.

Image Courtesy of OpenShot Communications, Inc.

Golf Cart Clings

Golf cart clings target golfers as they move around the course. These vehicles can communicate a message with window or vehicle clings visible throughout the entire game. They provide a message in an environment with little other advertising reach, and deliver a targeted audience.

Image Courtesy of OAAA

Static Clings

Static clings are decals which adhere to store windows and other glass surfaces, such as newspaper racks and commercial dryers. They can be an unexpected source of advertising, and can reach a broad audience.