Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Wallscapes / Spectaculars

Wallscapes are large, attention-getting colorful graphic displays on printed vinyl affixed to the surface of a building. They can be produced in various sizes and provide high exposure and visibility to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Because of their large size and placement, wallscapes can command attention and often become landmarks in cities. Available primarily in major market cities, wallscapes can provide mass market awareness and are usually purchased for long-term contracts.

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Image Courtesy of Orange Barrel Media

Spectaculars are large, non-standard structures, typically in urban centers along major arterials. They are high-profile installations often with eye-catching special effects. They can be large panels or digital screens, and can include movement, three-dimensional figures, or specialized audio or lighting elements. Their high visibility and frequency make them excellent for notable brand presence in major markets.