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Digital Billboards / Displays

Digital billboards offer static messages that can be changed out by a computerized process. They are placed by highways as standalone panels, or affixed to buildings along popular roadways. Messages can be rotated, typically every six to eight seconds. A single digital billboard can be shared by multiple advertisers, or feature a single advertiser and different or variations on messages.

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Image Courtesy of Clear Channel Outdoor - Columbus

Digital billboards provide large audiences based on the traffic a location receives, and can be used in any market. They offer the advantage of flexibility in that messages can be added, changed or pulled quickly. Because most digital billboards receive their messages from an HTML source on the advertiser’s end, the advertiser has control to change their message.

This also allows advertisers to add dynamic content. For example, a message might change at a certain time of day, or during commute hours. Advertisers can create the dynamic functionality for their own message, and the digital billboard(s) that the message is displayed on will update.