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Aerial Media

Airborne displays are large-format ad panels in various shapes and sizes towed by aircraft over areas of concentrated populations. These displays are often used to reach large audiences at sporting events, beaches, resorts, concerts, theme parks and other high consumer areas.

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Image Courtesy of Arnold Aerial Advertising

Aerial Banners

Aerial banners are large, vinyl panels flown by aircraft over areas of concentrated population. They are often colorful and creative, designed to grab attention, especially for consumer products. Banners are usually flown over highly populated areas during peak hours. This includes sports events, beaches, resorts, and other areas where people may be gathered outdoors.

One of the main advantages of aerial banners is the ability to reach large audiences while still targeting well. An advertiser can choose to target geographically, economically, or by areas of interest (for example, event attendees.) The attention-grabbing nature of the panel promotes high recall of the ad.

Image Courtesy of National Mobile Billboards


Blimps are lighter-than-air craft that carry an advertising message on their side. They can be either standalone craft inflated with helium and tethered to an anchor point, or full piloted airships that can travel throughout a city or around a major event. Blimps are typically flown over high-population metropolitan areas, as well as at events. Sports events, beaches and other public, outdoor gatherings are typical targets for blimp advertising.

Blimps boast high noticeability. Whether it’s a 7 foot tethered blimp or a full 200 foot zeppelin, blimps stand out. They can be seen from a distance, grab attention, and promote high recall. They garner a large audience, while still targeting by geographic area, economic area, or by areas of interest (for example, sports fans.)

Image Courtesy of Massivemedia

Inflatables / Balloons

These three-dimensional displays are filled with hot-air, cold-air or gas used at special events or point-of-sale. Inflatables are custom-designed shapes, usually taking the shape of a product or character in larger-than-life size. Some are affixed to bulletins, others are freestanding units placed at special events.

Promotional inflatables garner attention simply by their size. Vinyl rooftop gorilla inflatables have remained popular for years as a simple, attention-grabbing device. Others include characters, large balloons, or simply logos.

Image Courtesy of AVIAD

Sky Writing / Typing

Skywriting is the writing of a message or design in the sky by an airplane with a thick, controlled white smoke. As with any aerial advertising, skywriting is typically used in highly populated areas such as large cities, or around outdoor gatherings such as sports events, beaches, concerts, or fairs. They can be specified for any day or time, depending on fair enough whether for the writing to be controlled and visible. Skywriting can attract attention from large audiences as a creative medium.

Skywriting is usually done by a single airplane at heights of 10,000 to 15,000 feet and can accommodate up to 12 letters. Depending on winds, the writing can be visible for as little as 5 minutes to as much as an hour as the earth rotates away from the writing.

Digital skywriting, or typing, is accomplished by five airplanes flying in parallel and in unison. The exhaust systems are coordinated and timed automatically. These planes can typically accommodate up to 30 letters, and can stretch up to six miles.