Out-of-Home Advertising Categories

Want to Know What All is Available in the OOH Space?

Within this section, you will find descriptions of many products used by the out-of-home advertising industry. Click on the link to learn more about a product category including examples and images.

Products by Category

Aerial Media

Airborne displays are large-format ad panels in various shapes and sizes towed by aircraft over areas of concentrated populations. These displays are often used to reach large audiences at sporting events, beaches, resorts, concerts, theme parks and other high consumer areas. More »

Billboards - Digital Billboards / Displays

Digital billboards offer static messages that can be changed out by a computerized process. They are placed by highways as standalone panels, or affixed to buildings along popular roadways. More »

Billboards - Junior Posters

Junior posters are located mainly in urban neighborhoods and on secondary arterials. Viewed by drivers and pedestrians, these posters can be standalone installation or affixed to a building. More »

Billboards - Permanent Bulletins

Bulletins are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized OOH media formats. Targeted toward vehicular traffic, these bulletins are located along major roadways to provide high-density consumer exposure. More »

Billboards - Posters

Posters are one of the most versatile forms of traditional out of home media. The panels can be used for full market coverage across large areas, or targeting among specific audiences. Located along major local roads, they are viewed by people in vehicles and pedestrians. More »

Billboards - Rotary Bulletins

Rotary bulletins are bulletins set for a shorter period of time than permanent bulletins. They are rotated throughout different locations in a market to provide advertising exposure to new traffic areas. More »

Billboards - Wallscapes / Spectaculars

Wallscapes are large, attention-getting colorful graphic displays on printed vinyl affixed to the surface of a building. They can be produced in various sizes and provide high exposure and visibility to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. More »

Cinema Screen

Cinema advertising is primarily focused on the screen before a film, though it can also include supporting lobby displays. It holds the advantage of delivering an excellent audience. More »

Clings / Decals

Clings and decals can provide an advertising medium in unexpected or otherwise unavailable areas. Because of this, they can send a message where a viewer isn’t exposed to other messages. More »

Consumer Products / Packaging

Consumer packaging ads are a form of place-based advertising with a variety of formats. They are specially located where particular groups congregate for a variety of purposes. These ads reach consumers as they go about their daily routine. More »

Digital Screen Networks

Many different types of digital media products exist in the out of home arena. Digital products can reach the consumer with multiple messages, and exciting graphics. More »

Digital Place-Based Advertising Networks

Digital screens are directed at viewers in specific locations where a message can be targeted contextually based on their location. Because these networks are offered at specific location, targeting can drill down by geographic area, demographics, shopping intent, how viewers are spending time, etc. More »

Events / Sponsorships

Event advertising and sponsorships are an effective way to connect a brand with something people love. Attendees at any sort of event are emotionally invested in the event and their surroundings. More »

Guerrilla / Street Teams

Guerilla and street advertising can grab the attention of an audience with a message where they’re not expecting it. It allows for creative implementation, where just about any surface or area can be an ad medium. More »

Indoor Signage

Indoor signage reaches a captive audience in restaurants, bars, health clubs and entertainment venues. Surfaces as sophisticated as a digital network screen or as simple as a table top card can be an advertisement. More »

Mobile / Truckside / Car Wraps

Messages carried by vehicles reach Americans across the country. Seen by pedestrians and drivers alike, the messages can be on static displays, video screens, digital screens, or vinyl-wrapped vehicles. More »


“Other” is a category for the most alternative of alternative out-of-home advertising options. These formats are so unique, they are really in a class of their own. More »


Projection advertising turns any surface into an advertising vehicle. A video projection system creates huge displays on walls, bridges, or any other surface. Either as a static image or a video projection, these displays grab attention. More »

Street Furniture

Street furniture is a staple of local advertising. Everyone has seen a bench with ads for the local law firm or the hot new bar. More »

Transit (Bus, Rail, Metro, etc.)

Transit ads reach audiences all over a city, but they aren’t always on the move. Everyone is familiar with ads on busses and taxis, but the transit category also includes large digital displays in airports, subway platform ads and much more. More »

Wireless / Mobile Marketing

Wireless and mobile marketing are the newest frontier of out of home media. The field is still developing and will continue to do so as new technologies and ideas emerge. More »