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Partnership with SMG and DOmedia

Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), part of the Paris-based Publicis Groupe, has partnered with DOmedia to integrate the latest technology tools to provide enhanced media planning and buying services for its clients - leading the way for standardization in the advertising industry. Read the official press release »

How it Works

DOmedia’s deep database of media sellers and inventory helps large agencies like SMG efficiently create, execute and measure media campaigns for its clients. The platform allows SMG and its media selling partners to focus on strategic and creative decision making by removing laborious data sharing redundancies (for example location, demographic, creative and impressions information) which are handled by DOmedia’s technology. This centralized marketplace platform allows SMG to better analyze what media options are available and execute more effective campaigns in less time.

How the partnership works

SMG's planners and buyers use DOmedia's platform to search for the latest ideas and up-to-date media offerings, gather information for business pitches and plans, and manage the requests for proposal (RFP) process with media sellers. Media sellers have the ability to share their latest media offerings including demographic, geographic, pricing and creative information, ensuring this information is available to media buyers when they need it. 

The Benefits

By standardizing on DOmedia's platform for the RFP process, buyers and sellers interact more efficiently, making smarter decisions and creating more value for the client.

Benefits for SMG

  • Intelligent decision making
  • Access to accurate & updated media information
  • Buy media on a larger scale with greater efficiency
  • Better client responsiveness

Benefits for Media Sellers

  • 24/7 agency access
  • Information consistency
  • Growth in category revenue and profits
  • Better client responsiveness

Benefits for Advertisers

  • More effective advertising campaigns

What Others are Saying

John Muszynski of SMGx
The technology partnership with DOmedia puts SMG in a very competitive position to ensure every client dollar delivers its objective.

John Muszynski
Chief Investment Officer
Starcom Mediavest Group
SMG is taking a leadership position in the rapidly evolving digital and traditional out-of-home advertising industry and DOmedia is excited to create the technology behind it. We are openly working together with all stakeholders including media sellers, agencies, data providers, tech companies and industry associations to create solutions that benefit the entire industry.

Rich Langdale
Chief Executive Officer
Rich Langdale of DOmedia
In the Press:

Our Vision & the Role of Technology

DOmedia & Starcom MediaVest Group have a vision to simplify the process of planning, buying and selling media by supporting the creation of standards that drive efficiencies for the entire industry. Technology plays a major role in the creation of efficiencies by lowering the cost and increasing the scale by which media can be planned and bought by creating operating standards for both agencies and networks, streamlining the media inquiry, evaluation and purchasing processes, as well as providing standard metrics for trafficking, measuring and performance reporting.

Get Started

Contact DOmedia (866.939.3663 or theteam@domedia.com) today to learn more about using DOmedia to buy and sell media.

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