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DOmedia’s out-of-home media marketplace includes traditional, digital, and alternative OOH media from thousands of vendors across the country. Find the right media for your campaign among the literal shit-ton of available media.

  • Search all the assets of over 1,700 vendors.
  • See detailed asset data and photosheets.
  • Discover which media is closest to your location

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Visualize Your Campaign

With interactive media mapping, photosheets, and Google Street View, you can quickly plan and evaluate campaings before buying. Feel confident in your media buying decisions with no risk.

  • Create your own interactive media maps.
  • Evaluate locations with Google Street View.
  • Know which directions assets face.

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Evaluate & Compare Media

DOmedia’s all-in-one suite lets you compare media across formats and locations easily and accurately. No more sifting through multiple spreadsheets for one asset.

  • Contact media vendors with a single click.
  • Target with powerful 3rd party demographic data
  • Relax DOmedia's search, mapping and request quote tools are completely free.

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