The DOmedia Team

The DOmedia team is composed of a number of rock star entrepreneurs with the itch to create something that will shake up the advertising industry by means of creating efficiencies and industry standards. Bridging age gaps, DOmedia is composed of a brilliantly experienced team of facilitators and the hungry, tech-savvy generation of young entrepreneurs.


Who We Are

We're passionate about non-traditional advertising and have a tendency to become almost giddy when we see great work. We're equally enthusiastic about technology's ability to make our lives easier, incorporating it wherever we can to improve the DOmedia user's experience.

This is us. Let's change the advertising industry.

DOmedia Team

Top Row: Alex Braman, Adam Culbertson, Adam Malone, Maggie Erwin, Rachel Rote, Ken Sahlin, Katie Burwell, Ryan Powers, Jeff Lamb, Brandon Sinram, Nick Sadler, & Jeremy Float. On Screen: Bud Budrejko, Lauren Zadina, Lawrence Gould, & Pat Effinger. Bottom Row: Michael Ong, Ian Bowman-Henderson, Sandy Seago, Vicki Wettrich, Aaron Szabo, Erin Smith, & Anthony Cuevas.