DOmedia Debuts New Subscription Directory Service for Marketers Featuring Alternative, Traditional and Digital Out-of-Home Media Providers

Free trial available to current and new users

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 4  -- DOmedia (, the most comprehensive database and tool set for alternative, traditional and digital out-of-home media, introduces a new subscription-based directory service of media property information. DOmedia provides subscribing advertising agencies, brand advertisers and media buying agencies with premium information and detailed profiles of more than 200,000 specific media properties, resulting in a significant savings in time, money and resources during the research and discovery phase of campaign planning.   "We've invested extensively in building a database that provides significant value to the advertising and marketing industry," said Andrew Mansinne, CEO of DOmedia. "Advertisers and agencies indicate this information is a premium because it saves time, resources and money when planning a comprehensive campaign. Agencies and brand advertisers don't have to commit company resources to maintaining a spreadsheet of information that is virtually impossible to keep up-to-date. At DOmedia, we maintain all of the valuable detailed information advertisers and agencies need, make it easily searchable and pair it with industry resources and data that empower advertisers and agencies to make informed decisions about their media spend."   Media sellers and property owners benefit from increased visibility among serious, qualified buyers and are assured that proprietary information about their media property characteristics and logistics are shared with only qualified, interested advertisers.   DOmedia remains a valuable, complementary research tool that is free to list and free to search. Basic information such as name, address and contact information of the media seller is available for free. DOmedia subscribers receive access to advanced search features such as single and multiple DMAs, Metro Areas (MSAs), zip code and proximity abilities. Subscribers also gain access to critical data points for each media property including: rates, contract terms, lead times, impressions, coverage area and creative specs. In addition, subscribers will have access to the DOmedia Resources library, complete with up-to-date industry information and DMA reports to assist with planning and ideation.   Companies can purchase one DOmedia subscription per company that provides unlimited access and approved user accounts for 12 months from the activation date. Pricing is based on either annual billings of an agency or annual media spend by an advertiser.   Current DOmedia users will be able to access the full DOmedia subscription service on a free trial basis through November 30. New subscribers can request a free trial. For more information or to request a free trial, visit or call 866-939-3663.   About DOmedia


DOmedia is the most comprehensive database and tool set for alternative, traditional and digital out-of-home media. Through its online marketplace, the site encourages the creative use of people, places and things (such as place-based digital networks, street teams, sides of buildings and more) to communicate a marketing message. Innovative inventory management tools and in-depth search functionality simplify participation in this growing channel. DOmedia currently has more than 700 media sellers and 300 advertisers and agencies registered on the site, with more than 6,000 inventory searches performed monthly. The company is privately funded and based in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, go to