New Audience Data and Systems will Aid OOH Planning

Press Releases » New Audience Data and Systems will Aid OOH Planning

COMMB has hired DOmedia, a leading technology company, to develop new software that will be used to manage OOH audience data and provide a new analytics suite for agency, advertiser and OOH company members.

“COMMB is currently testing a new measurement methodology for outdoor and street level formats that will produce comprehensive audience information at the face level,” commented Rosanne Caron, President of COMMB. “There are plans to integrate the enhanced dataset into a new analytics suite that will include all of the indoor and outdoor formats measured by COMMB.”

While COMMB members currently have access to market level planning tools, the new analytics suite will offer users detailed audience information at the face level with mapping capabilities and a project briefing interface to facilitate and streamline the planning of OOH campaigns. COMMB buyer and seller members are actively involved in the software development to ensure that the analytics suite meets their needs.

“COMMB is really leading the way for the OOH industry,” said Ken Sahlin, CEO of DOmedia. “We’re very happy to be working with them and coming up with new ways to push this global industry forward.”

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COMMB is the national organization for the Canadian OOH industry comprised of advertisers, advertising agencies and OOH companies. COMMB is responsible for developing and verifying audience measurement methodologies, providing audience data and planning resources, marketing and communications, government relations and member services.