Seg Gliders

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7319 International Drive
Orlando, FL  32817

Come glide with Seg Gliders today. Located in Boston, Orlando, Clearwater Beach, and Key West. Seg Gliders is here to ensure you have an amazing Segway experience. We have taken the awe and added the fun. Gliding along on the Segway PT you forget you are in reality. This is how you thought it would be floating along effortlessly. The Segway PT allows you to regain mobility and go further today.

Let Seg Gliders help you and your group see your favorite destination in style and with ease. Seg Gliders has taken every step possible to ensure your safety at all times. We welcome all gliders over 12 and over 100 lbs. Helmets must be worn for any glider under 18 years of age, and parental consent is required to Glide.

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