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Billboardz Indoor Advertising Media is a specialist in delivering captive, targeted audiences through the use of advertising media positioned in strategic, high-traffic areas. Much of the indoor media is positioned in the restrooms of nightclubs, bars, stadiums, theaters, concert halls, and other publicly visible venues.

Indoor advertising is unique because it is one of the few opportunities advertisers have to position their message in an environment that is free from the distractions of everyday life. This means better recall for your brand or message, and better top of mind awareness.

In late 2005, we began to offer outdoor media, and in 2006 a beverage coaster program. Many more captive advertising programs are on the slate for 2007, continuing our commitment to our clients of providing captive audiences to build and strengthen their brands.

Exploiting the unique nature and locations of our advertising, our clients enjoy a low-cost, alternative method of advertising which offers the benefits of: high recall rates, product exclusivity, as well as gender and geographic specifc marketing.

Businesses you know, large and small have used our marketing programs to create effective campaigns that build brand awareness.

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