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P.O.Box 122294
San Diego, CA  92112

Yellow Bike Cab is an outdoor advertising and pedicab rickshaw transportation company, providing mobile billboard advertising, convention center advertising, exhibitor advertising, field marketing, group & wedding transportation services in San Diego since 2005. We specialize in promoting and advertising products or services of San Diego Convention Center Exhibitors/Sponsors in a unique, fresh and innovation approach with a bit of fun and a “twist of style” by offering genuine outdoor marketing solutions. Yellow Bike Cab also offers outdoor advertising opportunities to the local and national businesses for long term ad campaigns.
Our work environment covers the Convention Center, Petco Ball Park, Seaport Village, Gaslamp Quarter, and Harbor Drive driving. We drive to business offices, restaurants, hotels, and any other meeting facilities which are open to the public as well as accessible to vendors, conventioneers, and consumers in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego and the Port District.
Our total commitment is providing outdoor advertising services that really work for our sponsors/advertisers and their absolute satisfaction is our highest priority. We also commit for the safety, comfort and pleasure of our passengers.

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Pedicab Promotions - San Diego, CA Guerrilla / Street Teams View Product Profile
Pedicab Advertising - San Diego, CA Guerrilla / Street Teams View Product Profile
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