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1743 S Douglass
Anaheim, CA  92806

A large captive audience averaging 15 to 20 thousand viewers per month is waiting at the car wash and has nothing to do for up to 30 minutes per visit. This is the reason why your business will receive the exposure needed to generate an immediate response. With this kind of downtime, it's essentially making your business the name and face of the community.

The beautiful thing about our advertising display is the take-away factor. Someone will see your ad and take your card. This makes your company accessible to your potential customers even after they've left the car wash.

CWA cleans your displays and re-stocks your business cards on a bi-weekly basis ensuring that the boards are well maintained and always have plenty of cards to dispense.


  • 43% Male
  • 57% Female
  • 68% Married
  • 87% 26-54 Years Old
  • 84% Individually Earn Over $78,000 per Year
  • 38% Individually Earn Over $106,000 per Year
  • 17% Individually Earn Over $144,000 per Year
  • 64% Are Well Educated Executive Level Professionals

  • Our Car Washes can average 15k-20k patrons per month
  • 90% Return Rate
  • 75% are loyal customers, 15% utilize two or more local washes while 10% are random
  • On average customers visit their local car wash 2 to 4 times per month
  • Average wait time is estimated at 20-30 minutes

    Locations: With over 300+ location and counting... Car Wash Ads proudly boasts the ability to target a specific area, or canvas an entire region. Many of our clients are pleased that they were able to reach some of the most affluent consumers in their own community!

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