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8427 Ridpath Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90046

  • EffectLA is the digital out-of-home TV network running in all the southern California Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations. This network has 3.5 MM impressions monthly across its 160+ locations and reaches a college-educated 26-45 audience with high HHI.
  • EffectLA entertains and informs CBTL customers during their stay (average visit 11 minutes) with local news, weather, entertainment, events, and other relevant information. Coffee Bean is the second largest coffee house chain in Los Angeles behind Starbucks, where there are no on-site advertising opportunities.
  • The network covers all of Los Angeles as well as the surrounding areas from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and provides a cost-effective way to blanket the region and audience with your messaging, keeping your brand top of mind and getting more value for your paid media. We can reinforce recency for your brand by continually put your messaging in front of consumers while they are out of the house, shopping, and spending money, and thus be in the window of opportunity when they make purchase decisions.
  • Our audience accesses the internet via Coffee Bean's free wifi, meaning they are more likely to eschew traditional print media, and also they have to watch our programming to see the wifi code, which helps us obtain a Nielsen-measured recall rate of 61%.

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