National Media Services, Inc

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1395 Bangor Street
Copaigue, NY  11726

National Media Services is a trusted non-traditional media vendor that has a track record of running highly successful advertising campaigns. We create a high impact presence for advertisers with innovative guerrilla and non-traditional tactics nationwide.

Our team of advertising professionals brings the experience and quality that every advertiser needs and should expect in supporting their efforts to reach broad target audiences, across many platforms with innovative and engaging campaigns. We specialize in: Branding, Outdoor Advertising, Event Staffing and Alternative Marketing solutions. Our business is engaging consumers for the advertisers that utilize our services!

NMS has a history of working closely with advertisers to maximize their brand assets to directly shape and manage consumer perceptions. We get products in consumer’s hands and in front of their eyes. NMS strives to keep advertisers “Top of Mind" in their competitive landscapes.

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Guerilla Activations Guerrilla / Street Teams View Product Profile
Brand Ambassador Teams Guerrilla / Street Teams View Product Profile
Guerilla / Secured Digital HD Projection Technologies Projections View Product Profile
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