Omni Media Cleveland Inc.

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1375 E. 9th Street
Suite 2425
Cleveland, OH  44114

A proven advantage in outdoor. Omni Media kiosks feature backlit message displays, making your outdoor advertising big, bold, and beautiful. They are located in all the major downtown districts and 10 primary neighborhoods. There are 320 advertising faces, all strategically positioned on the corners of major intersections in the greater Cleveland area. The kiosk offers the most visible and effective advertising medium to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Up-to-date map displays with substantial space allotments for corporate sponsorships offers easy to read directions for residents, visitors, and local businesses. Guerilla marketing options available for increased exposure.

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Professional Affiliations:
American Association of Advertising Agencies SBA (Small Business Administration)

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Cleveland // Street Level Kiosk Wraps & Top Extensions Guerrilla / Street Teams View Product Profile
Cleveland // Street Level Kiosks Shelters - Backlit Kiosks View Product Profile

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