Liquid Outdoor, LLC

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132 E. 42nd St, #627
New York, NY  10017

Liquid Outdoor is an independent out-of-home media company based in New York, NY. We own, operate and represent billboards, wallscapes and street furniture in the top 15 DMA’s across the country. Additionally, we operate a nationwide C-store one-sheet poster network in the top 85 DMA’s. We also serve as the national sales-force for other independent out-of-home company’s inventory through our strong relationships with advertisers and agencies across the United States, giving them instant access to national advertising revenue.

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Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement

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Urban Advertising Tower Outdoor Kiosks / Panels / Racks View Product Profile
Bulletins Permanent Bulletins View Product Profile
One Sheet Posters Venue-based Signage View Product Profile
Wallscapes & Spectaculars Wallscapes / Spectaculars View Product Profile

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