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Teresa Rampulla
83 Cromwell Avenue
Staten Island, NY  10304

You can afford Ferry Boat Advertising! 
NY commuters as well as NYC tourists!

If you do business in the New York Metropolitan Area, statistics show that Staten Islanders who commute into Manhattan have the largest per capita income of the city! Staten Island is the fastest growing borough in NYC!

We have 80,000 commuters taking the 25 minute ride into NYC twice a day for 25 minutes each way. 

We are also the second most touristed destination in New York City (with 48 million tourists visiting the city last year alone).

Staten Islanders tend to have more automobiles per household, and are better educated, and -- in short, S.I. Ferry commuters have buying power!

For the tourists traveling to NYC you have access to a constant stream of consumers from around the world, national coverage at local pricing.

And, when you compare the number of advertising impressions, and the number and length of time these impressions are seen, S. I. Ferry Advertising gives you the most bang for your advertising dollar.

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